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Here you will find information about existing Project Proposals on selected topics and a list of all completed Masters Projects. All previously submitted projects can be seen in the form of short abstracts. The Projects Proposals represent attractive opportunities to develop ones own masters project in cooperation with a research institute or business partner.

Current Project Proposals

For the Masters Project students can collaborate with a research institution or an industry partner. Let yourself be inspired to work on a specific project with a selected partner.

CubETH, ein nur 10 x 10 x 10 cm grosser Satellit, ist eine Technology-Demonstration-Mission. Wie kann der technisch hochkomplexe Inhalt einer Satellitenmission in einem Vermittlungskonzept sowohl für die Wissenschaft (Infografiken) als auch für die breite Bevölkerung (Animationen) sinnvoll aufbereitet werden?

Ausschreibung: Visualisierungen für CubETH

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Master Projects 2016

Since 2010, six classes have successfully completed their masters projects. Many dealt with highly socially relevant issues and innovative design.

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