Master Design Study

Our MA in Design offers designers and individuals from related disciplines and fields an outstanding opportunity to further develop their individual expertise and attain cuttingedge excellence. The centrepiece of our programme is an individual research project. Upon successful course completion, Master graduates can work as independent entrepreneurs or in management roles in the design industry, as well as pursue careers in teaching and research.

Our programme, which runs for one year and a half, requires students to be self-driven, innovative, and to have a genuine interest in interdisciplinary approaches and in acquiring and applying various research methods.

Programme Objective

The key objective of the MA in Design is to qualify students for complex professional challenges, whether in research/ innovation, design practice/ private enterprise, or education/ communications. Students deepen and expand not only their specialist knowledge and skills, but also they create individual career opportunities for themselves. With these objectives in mind, our programme is individual and projectdriven.

We offer MA students their personal workplace, an arrangement which is highly conducive to promoting in-depth specialist discourse with fellow students and teaching faculty. MA students also benefit from our state-of-the-art infrastructure, consisting of several laboratories, workshops, and media. This offers ample opportunity and scope for experimentation and implementation.

Project Proposals

The Project Proposals represent attractive opportunities to develop ones own masters project in cooperation with a research institute or business partner. Here you will find detailed information about existing Project Proposals:

Attractive Location

As the largest business, media and knowledge center of Switzerland, Zurich has an excellent environment for the Master’s degree in Design and offers design graduates attractive job opportunities.