(the subject area is closing down in Summer 2017)

Head: Prof. Bitten Stetter | Assistant: Larissa Holaschke

Events are becoming increasingly important within both commercial and noncommercial communication- and dissemination strategies. “Events” can be tailored to the needs of the general public or those of an exclusive audience. They are designed to provide access to a wide range of themes and issues. While they serve to direct attention in an entertaining fashion to a product or idea, events can be employed to cause irritation, to provoke responses, and to take position within social debates. The challenge lies in purposefully playing with expectations and the element of surprise, and thus in shaping an experience for actors and audience alike.

Students majoring in this field of excellence develop and stage commercial events, media interactions, and artistic interventions situated at the interface between various design disciplines and dimensions. The spectrum spans creative street protests, trade fair presentations, political events, exhibitions, marketing events, performances, awareness-raising campaigns, and on- and offline media productions. Coursework involves the critical analysis of events, historical research, three-dimensional storytelling, and the conception and implementation of trend-oriented, socially-relevant, and forward-looking scenarios and worlds of experience. Faculty members are unconventional and innovative thinkers. Our team includes curators, designers, provocateurs, sociologists, philosophers, multimedia experts, event designers, and arts managers.

Head Subject Area
Bitten Stetter, fashion designer, trendscout, and concept designer. She trained at the HAW Hamburg and AMD Hamburg. Her work focuses on teaching, conceptual design, trend research, and exhibition curating. bitten.stetter@zhdk.ch

Selected lecturers & areas of specialisation
– Francis Müller, Theory and methods
– Daniel Späti, Event concepts and organisation
– Philipp Meier, Interventions and social media
– Andrea Roca, Artistic strategies

Cooperation partners
Art and the City, Curious About, Greenpeace, ingenious switzerland, Drewes & Keretic, Cabaret Voltaire Zurich, HFK University of the Arts Bremen, UDK Berlin University of the Arts and Gewerbemuseum Winterthur.