The study programme of Master of Arts in Design allows designers to build up mastery on an individual pattern to academic excellence. The focus of the Master’s programme is on research-oriented working and thinking along the individual design project.

The specialization in the field of Product Design in the Master’s studies discusses current and future relevant topics, aspiring innovation through research.

To carry on the tradition to put emphasise on innovation, creativity and implementation will, issues such as tourism, sports, social design, urbanity and mobility are addressed in individual projects and workshops. Products, concepts and services are developed through involvement of social, economic, cultural, technical or geographical contexts.

The Product Design programme seeks to explore these new territories with a multi-cultural and international community of students in order to bring a diverse range of perspectives to bear on the challenges we face; we welcome applications from students from all over the world.

The Master’s programme is very individualized and may be accompanied by industrial and academic partners. An experienced team of experts provides a set of workshops and seminars, as well as enables access to a highly professional environment of infrastructure and support.

Graduates are able to act as self-employed entrepreneurs or in leading positions in the design industry, further get active in teaching and research. Designers commit in adding a milestone to their career as the Master’s degree is becoming a valuable distinction on an international stage.

We are looking for applications from students from all over the world.