Head: Prof. Bitten Stetter | Assistant: Larissa Holaschke

«Trace the Trend and Shape the Future» is the core theme of the subject area Trends. Students build the skills needed to develop strategic and innovative design concepts. Graduates are able to recognise and track significant cultural and socioeconomic trends early on. They possess the specialist knowledge and methodological skills to analyse and transform these trends into potential innovations and visionary design concepts in keeping with strategic visions and economic framework conditions.

Trends coursework develops soft and hard skills in visual and cultural trends and futures research, market and consumer research, and empirical social research. Other course components include journalistic and scientific work, as well as design-, visionary-, and future-oriented thinking. The programme also builds a range of related skills, including trend scouting, strategic marketing, and project management. Faculty members are designers, trend scouts, trends and futures researchers, marketing experts, sociologists, visionary thinkers, concept designers, and strategists.

Head Subject Area
Bitten Stetter, fashion designer, trendscout, and concept designer. She trained at the HAW Hamburg and AMD Hamburg. Her work focuses on teaching, conceptual design, trend research, and exhibition curating. bitten.stetter@zhdk.ch

Selected lecturers & areas of specialisation
– Martina Kühne, Trends research and trends research methods
– Judith Mair, Visual trends research and trends writing
– Francis Müller, Theory and methods
– Dr. Adrian Müller, Foresight and scenario planning
– Sebastian van Treek, Marketing and management

Cooperation partners
GDI Zürich, Trend One, noocleus ag, Migros, Grand Studio, The Danish Design School, Code N, Forsight & Innovation ZHAW, W.I.R.E, Politur, Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur, Strum & Drang, Newpotential and Poetic.