Installation «Fragments of Switzerland », Master of Arts in Design at swissnex Brazil

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Interactive Multimedia Installation, from March to August 2015

swissnex Brazil, Rua Cândido Mendes 157, Glória, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Master of Arts in Design at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) developed an interactive multimedia installation for swissnex Brazil that will be open to the public in the lobby of their building in Rio de Janeiro for six months.

«Fragments of Switzerland» proposes an interactive multimedia real-time experience through visual and acoustic stimuli.

Based on a concept of a virtual stage with sensors, upon entering the building, the visitor interacts in an unexpected and intuitive way with different scenarios as well as time and weather conditions from webcams located in Switzerland. These scenarios are projected on a fragmented screen, hanging from the lobby ceiling, providing a sculptural touch and an imaginary spatial feeling. A vinyl sheet with an electronic system stimulates the acoustic contact.

The installation aims to offer a contextual experience created through physical interaction within space, to express a contrasting relationship between Brazil and Switzerland, and to reveal the potential of design expertise combined with new technologies, as they are taught at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

Nowadays, architects, designers and artists are increasingly influencing the way we explore, understand, experience and interact with things, people and  environment.

Curation: Karin Zindel, Designer and Research Associate at zdhk.
Realisation: Simon Pfaff, Interaction Designer at zhdk, and Moritz Kemper, Interaction Designer and Head of Physical Computing Lab at zhdk.

Flyer «Fragments of Switzerland»

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