rePLAYCE:theCITY Symposium: Architecting Play

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Urban Play Workshop with Heather Kelley, Nathalie Pozzi, Eric Zimmerman and Karmen Franinovic

8. November 2013, 14.30
Gessneralle, rePLAYCE:theCITY Symposium

From the grotesque pavilions hidden in sixteenth century Italian gardens to the temporary structures in public space in the 70s and recent digitally augmented environments, architectures of play have long been designed to engage explorative experiences. The uncertainty of play allows us to probe new behaviors, to poke into the boundaries of subjectivity and to interact with people, things and systems in unexpected and unfamiliar ways. In this session, we experiment with ways in which spatial elements may foster participatory and explorative activities and enable the transformative power of play.  Through discussion and urban actions of topics such as scale, scent, movement and misbehavior, we explore how such environments raise our responsibility toward others within our surroundings; how they enable us to transform our own established behaviors; and how they empower us to reclaim public space.

Organized by Karmen Franinovic, Interaction Design, Design Department.

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