The making of atmospheres

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An experience catalyst research event between Sound Art, Interaction Design and Aesthetics

28-29. November 2013.
Gessneralle, Buhne A

Atmosphere is an ambiguous term, but a key dimension of responsive environments where experience is shaped through ephemeral media. The making of atmospheres is an event in which a group of artist-researchers from music, interaction design, philosophy and psychology, come together to explore what atmosphere means and how it can be (artistically) constructed/influenced.  Two installations based on interactive sound and responsive materials will be the framework for an experience-based exploration of different conceptual approaches to a describe “atmosphere”. In a closed setting with about 10-15 people, we will expose ourselves to the installations several times, each time with a particular perspective. The event is a part of a larger research project called “Räume der Aufmerksamkeit” in which aim for a cultivation of attention inspired by different theories of attention (namely Bernhard Waldenfels, Johnathan Crary).

Organized by Institute for the Performing Arts and Film (IPF), Interaction Design (IAD), Institute for Computer Music und Sound Technology (ICST), Farblicht-Zentrum, BA Scenography, MA Theater and SINLAB Lausanne.

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