A Man Falls Down The Stairs

A Man Falls Down The Stairs

Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2011
Student: Adrien Moreillon
Mentoring: Prof. Rudolf Barmettler, Prof. David Skopec, Peter Vetter, Lisa Greuter, Sarah Owens
Field of Excellence: Kommunikation | Visuelle Systeme
Email: adrien.moreillon@gmail.com

How does the graphic structure of a humorous image influence its effect and how is this related to the reality it represents?

Wie beeinflusst die grafische Struktur eines humorvollen Bildes dessen Wirkung und in welcher Beziehung steht dies zu der vom Bild dargestellten Wirklichkeit?

In a world submerged with images, in which humor has been proven to be an important part of communication, understanding the function of graphic structure in humorous images seems essential. Yet, little research has been led on the subject.

This study approaches the subject with a specific interest in the correlation between the visual aspect of an image and the reality it represents. In this framework, the study concentrates particularly on humorous photography, medium in which the graphic structure’s appearance is very near to the one of our own reality. What does this imply? Is its resemblance to reality still relevant or could it be in a phase of undergoing a graphic evolution? Can design contribute to a further development of this medium? These questions are approached throughout the study by a series of practical experiments. Although results tend to show the importance of an impression of reality, they seem to be tainted by cultural background.

Aktualisiert am: 14. Juli 2011