Active Identity

Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2010
Field of Excellence: Interaktion
Student: Peter Gassner
Mentor: Gerhard Buurman

Together with Prof. Buurman, initiator of the Swiss Design Institute for Finance and Banking, I researched ways for creating trustworthy interactions on the Internet. New online services like person-to-person lending platforms that allow people to directly invest their money in strangers without an intermediary, require new forms of security and identification.

Based on work by PrimeLife and others, I envision a multilayered digital ecosystem that allows government grade security to coexist and be integrated with the global and open web. I’m taking the standpoint that a purely technical solution to security cannot exist and must always be complemented by social interactions. Therefore I’m presenting a tool that allows Internet users to actively control their online identities by integrating their activities and reputation from web platforms they participate in. This data is then visualized, acting both as a mirror of one’s digital identity and a way to protect a user’s privacy, minimizing unnecessary data exchange.

Aktualisiert am: 3. Dezember 2010