Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2010
Field of Excellence: Interaktion
Studentin: Judith Fehse
Mentoring: Karmen Franinovic

Fostering neighborhood exchange with Bindle, a location-aware mobile application.

In our digitized everyday lives, are bulletin boards, free local newspapers and advertising pillars still suitable for sharing things and encountering people? In this Master’s thesis, new ways of connecting with people are researched by combining location- aware smartphones with playful experiences. The goal is to use mobile social media in order to stimulate the exchange of skills and goods and foster face-to-face communication within local communities.

In an iterative process of field research and prototyping, insights into local community culture are turned into concepts using storyboards, paper prototypes, wireframes and video scenarios. The result is a service called Bindle that allows people to «pack up» their things and activities, share those with the people around them and start a conversation. It is a new way to explore the neighborhood and engage with strangers in novel and surprising ways.


Aktualisiert am: 9. Dezember 2010