ChoiZ: Enhancing activity choice in trains

Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2011
Student: Philip Moreton
Mentoring: Herbert Pauser, Thomas Walde
Field of Excellence: Produkt | Mobilität

How can the use of public transportation become a more positive experience for disinterested users?
Wie kann die Nutzung eines öffentlichen Verkehrsmittels zu einer positiven Erfahrung für gleichgültige Benutzer werden?

The focus of this research is an exploration into customer satisfaction within public transport and the resulting effect it places upon the commuting experience. Current discussions within the context of commuting, focus primarily on the infrastructural and financial implications that the growing trend of commuting possesses for the future. This master thesis however places emphasis on the users’ daily experience and the ability to use travel time in trains as productive time.

Through interviews and the observation of users, negative factors that limit the potential to use travel time as productive time were identified. This resulted in the derivation of the two central issues of space and noise level that restrict activity choice in trains. Findings in conjunction with interviews with public transport providers led to the realisation that noise level is more feasible to address and bears greater significance towards activity restriction. A product that enables users to regulate noise levels in train environments inherits the potential to simultaneously improve the commuting experience and increase activity choice.

Thanks to: Mentors, Pro Bahn, Sennheiser Innovation AG and SBB.

Aktualisiert am: 17. Juli 2011