Design for Cultural Interactions

Design for cultural interactions: Objects as transmitter of Iranian cultural values

Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2011
Student: Mohammad Saleh Ameri Toursani
Mentoring: Prof. Michael Krohn, Francis Müller, Daniel Irányi
Field of Excellence: Produkt | Sport

How can experience design contribute to a western tourist cultural perception of the Iranian system of politeness?
Wie kann „Experience Design“ im Verständnis eines westlichen Touristen zur Wahrnehmung des iranischen Systems der Höflichkeit beitragen?

Traveling is a way of getting acquainted with other cultures through direct interaction. A fulfilled tourist experience is impossible without a deep understanding of culture-specific behaviours. This project shows the potential of design to act as a transmitter between different behaviours and cultures to overcome this problem.

To illustrate this aspect I chose “Taarof”, a traditional Iranian form of hospitality and politeness, which differs strongly from the western culture and behaviour. I focus on Shahneshin Room in a traditional Persian residence in Kashan (Iran) as the physical environment.

The research includes interviews with experts in the tourism industry and with tourists, analysis of online travel stories, and literature review, in order to identify the needs of tourists upon their journey to Iran. The project suggests innovative actions and applied practical design work in order to initiate and sustain educative communication between the tourist and the host.

Thanks to: Mentors, Thomas Walde and Felix Huber.

Aktualisiert am: 12. Juli 2011