Dynamic Branding

Dynamic Branding – from the fixed logo to a dynamic world of experience.
Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2013
Student: Emanuel Jochum
Field of Excellence: Kommunikation

How do flexible design systems turn brands into dynamic visual identities?
Wie werden Marken durch flexible Gestaltungssysteme zu dynamischen Erscheinungsbildern?

We are all embracing new forms of connection, communication and commerce – how we relate to the world is increasingly open, fast and interactive. The challenge in branding now is to take up the speed and agility in our lives and to define brands just as lively and movable. But what is a dynamic brand? How is a visual identity made alive? Dynamic Branding shows how six types of flexible design systems help brands to become vibrant. Inputs from on-topic professionals and a variety of case studies make contemporary approaches to branding visible and concrete. A manifesto points out the essence in form of bold keywords and raises the awareness of problems like accessibility, consistency or sustainability; a complementary digital publication serves as an inspirational multimedia source. The project is the starting base for an active discussion about dynamic branding.

Mentors: Peter Vetter, Cybu Richli, Dr. Sarah Owens, Meike Eckstein, Lisa Greuter, Dominique Fischer.

Aktualisiert am: 25. Juli 2013