Fashion World Mapper

Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2010
Field of Excellence: Trends
Studentin: Natalia Gemperli
Mentoring: Dr. Adrian Müller, Bitten Stetter und Alain Leclerc von Bonin

Fashion World Mapper — Your City on the Trend Radar

«Fashion World Mapper» was built in three main parts: literature review, novel research and design. The first part of the thesis goes through existing literature about fashion cities. Due to considerable lack of information on the subject, the most important part of the work is the novel research, which consists of a qualitative research through interviews and opened questionnaires with experts in the fashion industry. The aim of the research was to define what a fashion city is, what are the factors and driving forces that characterises these cities and to show how the fashion industry boosts the local economy. As a case study, the city of Zurich was analysed, together with local experts of the fashion industry.

The final part, the design, is a visualization of the dynamics of a fashion city, emphasising its most important characteristics and showing visually the results and consequences of boosting certain important factors/driving forces in a city.

Aktualisiert am: 20. Dezember 2010