Leveling Trends

Leveling Trends  – Fashion, Individualism & The Story of the Similarly Unique

Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2011
Studentin: Anna Barbara Bernhard
Mentoring: Bitten Stetter, Dr. Maria Mackinney-Valentin
Field of Excellence: Trends
Email: abisbe@gmail.com

How are fashion inspiration and creativity coordinated on a global level, in relation to the similarity of the garments? What are the key elements and how is their dynamic?
Wie sind Mode Inspiration und Kreativität, in Bezug auf die Ähnlichkeit der Kleidung, auf globaler Ebene koordiniert? Was sind die wichtigsten Elemente und wie ist ihre Dynamik?

Fashion mainstream describes the most widely distributed market segment of the global fashion industry. It has a great impact on the common perception of fashion trends. However, there appears to be a tension between the individualistic approach of designing garments and the leveling of fashion trends. While commercial designers are putting great effort into creating individualized and unique garments, a global coordination of trends can be observed within the industry of today.

The goal of this study is to explore the impulses of design freshness and innovation in the process of commercial garment design. I have conducted a series of qualitative interviews examining various positions in product development from mainstream apparel companies in Europe and the United States. A comprehensive case study of the nautical navy-striped jersey shirt is used to illustrate the results from the empirical research. This research serves to decode the process of commercial fashion designing. The conclusions thereof are offering parameters for companies to assess and compare their own level of innovation and uniqueness.

Thanks to: Mentors and Dr. Adrian W. Müller.

This project was supported by: American Eagle Outfitters, Calida AG, Charles Vögele, Chicos, Manor, Mexx, Tom Tailor Denim and White House Black Market.

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