Space, Territory and the Urban Zurich Cyclist.

Space, Territory and the Urban Zurich Cyclist.
Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2013
Student: Jack Abbott
Field of Excellence: Produkt

What kind of new bicycle design can contribute to a stronger Zurich cycling culture built upon new attitudes to space and positive interactions?

Welche Art Fahrrad-Design fördert aufbauend auf einer neuen Haltung zu Raum und Interaktion die Fahrradkultur in Zürich?

Introducing the Pendleton Duke: a bicycle that encourages a new way to use and think about urban mobility space. Zurich mobility is based on territory of which the bicycle has limited ownership. A typical city ride sees cyclists shifting regularly back and forth between the footpath, the road and dedicated bike lanes. So that on any short trip a cyclist is asked to fill the roles of a pedestrian, a motorist and then only sometimes that of an actual cyclist. My design proposes to make sharing this space more forthcoming; to remove the idea of territory and road ownership and to prompt interactions impelled instead by intuition and spatial negotiation. The principal concept is a walking bicycle that allows for cycling within two roles: as a pedestrian and as a car. The Duke is a small and incredibly nimble pedalless frame that can be both foot propelled along side pedestrians and powered speedily among cars.

Mentoren: Roland Eberle, Heiko Stahl, Prof. Michael Krohn, Thomas Walde, Francis Müller.

Aktualisiert am: 3. Juli 2013