The End of the Digital Age

The End of the Digital Age.
Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2013
Student: Daniel Menichini
Field of Excellence: Kommunikation

Why are we slowly drifting towards the end of the digital age?

Warum steuern wir allmählich auf das Ende des digitalen Zeitalters zu?

August 2041, major data loss due to power shortages; January 2050, people are switched off and asked to print their digital lives; October 2060, only essential networks and the elite are still digitally connected. The future is bleak and the end of the digital age is at hand. When, how and why the digital age will come to an end? Cloud computing, e-memory, privacy, peak oil, data mining; these are just a few of the developments and potential dangers looming over our use of technology. Are people aware that one glitch in the system could almost send us back to the Stone Age? Our over reliance and dependency on digital devices is unsustainable and cannot go on without serious consequences. Now is the time to make important political, economical, societal and environmental decisions that change things for the better.

Mentors: Kurt Eckert , Prof. Alex Hanimann, Matthias Michel, Dr. Sarah Owens, Sereina Rothenberger.

Aktualisiert am: 25. Juni 2013