Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2012
Studentin: Stephanie Schneiter
Field of Excellence: Ereignis

How can an atmosphere be transferred? Which elements may be reinterpreted and applied in a different context to trigger a positive experience?

Wie transferiert man eine Atmosphäre? Welche Elemente können neu interpretiert und in einem anderen Kontext angewandt werden um eine positive Erfahrung auszulösen?

An appealing positive atmosphere was detected in a public space in Zurich city. It was identified that when this atmosphere arises two main factors were acting simultaneously, namely the environmental characteristics and the people occupying it. In a pertinent combination this can lead to the generation of a collective positive mood. In order to recognize transferrable factors, a series of observations, surveys and experiments were implemented. The two first referred steps took place at the public space where the atmosphere was identified. The outcome allowed to clarify which resources could be used to deliver a new version of it by means of design. Experiments were applied in a new context in search of confirmation for the wanted effects. The empirical research permitted to discover which resources could be used for designing an artefact that, through sensorial stimuli promotes users to live a positive collective experience.

Aktualisiert am: 18. Juni 2012