Vertical Visions

Projekttyp: Masterarbeit 2010
Field of Excellence: Produkt | Sport
Studentin: Maria-Arianna Fritz
Mentoring: Frédéric Poppenhäger und Sem Hediger (Mammut)

Vertical Visions — The shift of context from alpine to urban in the field of mountain-apparel

«Vertical Visions» discusses the shift of context from alpine to urban in the field of mountain-apparel. On the basis of tighter working pressure and leisure time, there is a growing need for a flexible adjustment of the clothes due to steadily changing and extending purposes. We travel to work by bike, attend a business lunch and meet with our pals for a hike after work. This life style requires garment, which combines good look, great wearing comfort and high functionality to face every situation that may occur.

«Vertical Visions» first analyzes the background and reason for the shifting paradigms and provides new design approaches that include the trends of premiumization and individualization. As an outcome, the project creates new perspectives for the alliance of functionality and aesthetics, incorporating innovative materials by exemplary design solutions. The research combined two levels: the exploration of a cultural shift, which determined the design possibilities with innovative textiles.

Aktualisiert am: 2. Dezember 2010