Studieren in der lebendigen Hauptstadt der Kreativwirtschaft Schweiz

02.06.2017  |  Workshops

Important notes

⟩ Microsite Diploma 2017

Degree Show Design 2017
9.–25.06. 2017, daily from 12 pm to 8 pm
«Master Design Collection», Room 4.K16

Next Information day: 4 October 2017

⟩ Information Master Design Programme

Master of Arts in Design at Zurich University of the Arts

The Master’s Degree in Design offers seven subject areas:


Development of visual identities, brands, and editorial design. Systematic approach through creative exploration and theoretical reflection.

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Game Design *

Designing of games, serious games, and ludic games, as well as collaborative, virtual worlds.

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Interaction Design

Developing concepts and systems in the fields of embodied interaction, interactive experience, and reactive materials.

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Knowledge Visualization *

Production and transfer of knowledge by means of images and visualization. Translation of complex information into a visual language, and communication of knowledge through images.

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Development of products and concepts for sports, mobility, leisure and tourism; involving innovations, contexts, trends, material technology, as well as social and geographic themes.

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Identifying, visualizing, and conveying cultural and socio-economic developments, as well as implementing strategic design concepts.

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(the specialization will run out at Summer 2017)

Development, production, and design of social and commercial events or cultural interventions in media, urban and social space.

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