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HKDI presents: «Interactive and Playful – Swiss Design from Zurich University of the Arts»

The international HKDI Gallery in Hong Kong presents «Interactive and Playful – Swiss Design from Zurich University of the Arts», an exhibition showcasing a selection of distinctive bachelor’s, master’s and research projects from the seven subject areas of the Department of Design at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK): Cast / Audiovisual Media, Game Design, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Knowledge Visualization,Trends & Identity, and Visual Communication. The exhibition takes place from 6 Oct 2018 to 27 Jan 2019 at Experience Centre, Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI). The projects investigate how digitalization and a conscious approach to it have assumed increasing importance within the discipline, and how designers are dealing with this in a playful as well as critical way in order to impart knowledge and create new experiences. Whether in a playful or serious context, the exhibition is a celebration of the partnership between the two academic institutions.

The Opening & Lecture of «Interactive and Playful – Swiss Design from Zurich University of the Arts» takes place on 5 October 2018 and will focus on the topic of «Shifting Design»: 

Design is one of the main drivers of social and technological innovations today. The frequently cited rule «form follows function» no longer applies in a world, where objects and environments offer endless functions and modes of interaction. Design might still be seen as the discipline that shapes the appearance of things, but in fact it goes way beyond that. Design today is much more complex. It defines behaviour and policies; it tells stories and gives access to unlimited possibilities in the real and in the virtual world. The Master Lecture by leading members of Zurich University of the Arts reflects on this evolution and shows how the discipline — and the design education — redefines itself today, creating playful as well as critical experiences to impart knowledge and to make a contribution to positively transform our world.
Lecture Speakers from ZHdK: Prof. Hansuli Matter, Head of the Department Design, Prof. Michael Krohn, Head of Master of Arts in Design, and Ms Karin Zindel, Research Associate of Master of Arts in Design.

Detailed information about the exhibition and the projects can be found on: