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Design alumni nominated for Swiss Design Awards

All Swiss designers and those resident in Switzerland can take part in the Swiss Design Competition. The jury consists of the seven members of the Federal Design Commission and invited experts.

For this year's edition of the award, various graduates of the Department of Design have been nominated as finalists:

  • Linn Spitz (Alumna Bachelor Design, category Media and Interaction Design) 
  • Noam Benatar (Alumnus Bachlor Design, Category Design Research)
  • Paulina Zybinska (Alumna Master Design, Category Media and Interaction Design)
  • Ronald Pizzoferrato (Alumnus Master Design, Category Photography)
  • Offshore (Alumni Master Design, Category Graphic Design)
  • Hammer (Bachelor Design alumna, Category Graphic Design)
  • Sebastian Marbacher (Bachelor Design alumnus, Category Product Design)

The works of the finalists will be presented in an exhibition at the Swiss Design Awards in Basel from 13-19 June 2022. 

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