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The game “Dissecting Love” offers queer relationships more visibility

Major Game Design

In a new interview with Hochparterre, game design graduate Noe Arnold gives an insight into his diploma project “Dissecting Love”. In the interview, Arnold explains his decision to use a virtual autopsy as the game's central process.

Through a virtual autopsy, the game offers the opportunity to unravel the emotional layers of a queer relationship. This interactive experience “Dissecting Love” apart from traditional narrative games. Noe has realised the integration of a queer perspective into the game with great sensitivity. Through his own experiences and intensive conversations with queer people in his environment, he has researched the difficulties and challenges of queer relationships. It was important to him to respect and represent the diversity of these experiences. “Dissecting Love” is a game and a powerful artistic exploration of relationships and queer perspectives.

You can read more about Noe Arnold and his graduation project online on the Hochparterre Website. Noe Arnold is part of Showcase Design 2023. For more background information on his project, visit the Showcase Design website.

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Screenshot of the Games «Dissecting Love» by Noe Arnold. © ZHdK.
Screenshot of the Games «Dissecting Love» by Noe Arnold. © ZHdK.