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Diploma project “Chaos Cuisine” in Hochparterre magazine

Interaction Design

Bamna Dadashzadeh completed her Master’s degree in the subject area Interaction Design this summer. Prior to that, Bamna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the ZHdK. She now speaks to Hochparterre magazine about her diploma project “Chaos Cuisine”.

The work constitutes a role play that is strongly characterised by interdependencies. The main goal is for all players to produce their individual bar of chocolate, but this requires a joint effort. The game is deliberately designed so that it is impossible to produce the chocolate alone. Each person has unique abilities and limitations associated with their assigned role, such as prejudice or discrimination tendencies. Bamna consequently explores the question of how effective and healthy collaboration can be achieved.

The whole interview with Bamna Dadashzadeh can now be read online on Hochparterre.

Here you can find more information about the project.

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Part of the «Chaos Cuisine» installation. Foto: Bamna Dadashzadeh. © ZHdK.
Part of the «Chaos Cuisine» installation. Foto: Bamna Dadashzadeh. © ZHdK.