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International Design Workshop 2017, «Cities & Nature(s) — Thinking Beyond»

We are happy to announce the booklet and video-portrait of the International Design Workshop 2017 from the Master of Arts in Design.

Produced on the occasion of the International Design Workshop in Hong Kong, from 11–22 September 2017, on the topic “Cities & Nature(s) — Thinking Beyond”, the booklet presents the teaching module, the results developed during the workshop and the projects exhibited during the event “Zurich meets Hong Kong” at Connecting Space in October 2017. The booklet was edited together with a video, a compilation of interviews made with the guest lecturers in Hong Kong. Read the booklet online.

During two weeks 34 Master students explored the city of Hong Kong as an interdisciplinary group. Together they investigated the way the city and the surrounding nature are defined today, and how designers and citizens can collaborate to positively shape and transform them. They questioned the supposedly existing, and proposed both practical and speculative concepts. The workshop was in collaboration with local landscape architecture students and residents. 

Master Design students: Sonja Böckler, Tunay Bora, Michal Bzdziuch, Noemi Chow, Narin Elmas, Jonathan Erne, Roman Ernst, Estela Gless, Sabrina Haefeli, Nina Hodel, Luca Holzer, Irina Huwiler, Priscille Jotzu, Mia Kang, Jenny Kantsjö, Annamaria Kozma, Tatiana Liljenfeldt, Yanick Lukic, David Lüthi, Eveline Moser, Loraine Olalia, Michiko Onozawa, Kevin Perlinger, Stefan Ruefer, Angel Rose Schmocker, Jonas Shriqui, Lucia Sidler, Sandra Staub, Sandra Tschanz, Christoph Untersander, Diana Wotruba, Nadine Wüthrich, Stefan Zahler.

Lecturers: Dr Yanki Lee, Michael Leung, Albert Tsang, Sara Wong.

Creative team: Karin Zindel (art direction), Kevin Casado and Patrik Ferrarelli (graphic design), Flavio Cury (video).

International Design Workshop 2017
Tree on the rooftop, Ya Ma Tei Hong Kong. © Micheal Leung, 2017
Tree on the rooftop, Ya Ma Tei Hong Kong. © Micheal Leung, 2017