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Research Day «Ageing Futures – Design. Gesellschaft. Technologie»

Design as social glue, design as material culture, design as participatory process, design for diversity and inclusion, design to promote quality of life, design as mediator of new images of aging. Design for Ageing! 

Aging is a biological, psychological and social process that progresses irreversibly from birth and is in constant flux. Aging is not something we are, but something that is done, by us and by others.Through medical and societal advances, life expectancy in Western societies is increasing. Not only are we living longer, we are living healthier lives. After retirement, a new phase of life with healthy years of life has emerged, the 3rd age. But a long life is also associated with losses, the reduction of strength and the acceptance of support. This marks the transition from the agile to the fragile phase of life, from the 3rd to the 4th age. Familiar things disappear, new unfamiliar things and people to cope with everyday life diffuse with familiar lifestyles and lifeworlds. Identities threaten to become fragile.

With demographic change, technological trends and other processes, questions arise about how to shape the 3rd and 4th ages. These questions are pressing, just as design has gained importance in all areas of life in recent years. Our highly complex and dynamic society needs material and digital design solutions in different contexts. Converging with socio-cultural change is a broad range of professional design that impacts the design spaces and needs of the 3rd and 4th ages. How this impact is currently taking place provides information about future visions of our society.

The Research Day "Ageing Futures – Design. Gesellschaft. Technologie." on October 14, 2022, will highlight and interrogate different perspectives, approaches, and design spaces for shaping the future of aging. Together with the Institute for Design Research and the Department of Industrial Design, Trends & Identity will provide insights into their field of research and discuss possibilities for future collaborations.

With contributions from Dr. Anna-Lisa Niedecken, Barbara Bosshard, Prof. Bitten Stetter, Erica Benz, Prof. Dr. Heidi Kaspar, Dr. Julia Hahmann, Kishana Herrle, Leonie Pock, Peter Burri Folath, Strobofutures, Tanita Somnus and others. 

Oct. 14, 2022, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Museum of Design, Ausstellungsstrasse 60, 8005 Zurich
Admission free - registration required (gnavgn.fbzahf@muqx.pu)

Research Day «Ageing Futures – Design. Gesellschaft. Technologie»
Research Day «Ageing Futures – Design. Gesellschaft. Technologie»