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Young Graphics 2023 selects six ZHdK graphics projects

The ZHdK Sustainability Report and five other graphics projects from the Department of Visual Communications received the coveted Young Graphics Award 2023 last Saturday.

Every two years, the Young Graphics Award 2023 honours graphics projects by students and trainees from all over Switzerland. A nine-member jury of renowned graphic designers selected 30 winning works from over 300 submissions. The Award Night took place last Saturday, 18 November 2023 - now one of the leading young talent platforms for graphic design. 
The 30 winners will be presented in a publication and showcased on the competition website. The award ceremony also marks the start of a travelling exhibition; the winning works will be on display as part of the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival in Lucerne and then in Zurich, Sierre and Geneva. 

The winners from Zurich University of the Arts: 

ZHdK Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2020-21: Severin Weber, Tanja Vogt, Armando Guetg

Archeology of Consequent Forms: Orlando Brunner

Hans Neuburg – Haltung und Gestaltung: Dimitris Giannoulas, Orlando Brunner, Nathan Meyer

Canvas: Nathan Meyer

Two Constructivist Manifestos: Stanislav Favre

The Glass Ceiling: Rebekka Hausmann

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Young Graphics Award 2023
Young Graphics Award 2023