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Altered Perceptions — Designing Hallucinatory Installations

This project explores our understanding of space through a spatial experience that manipulates perception and articulates the relationship between sound, light, touch and space. The investigation aims to understand how human perception can be altered by designing site-specific multimedia installations that can trigger different types of hallucinations through physical experiences, psychoacoustic patterns and optical processes. It thus seeks to offer insights into the ways in which aesthetic explorations and perceptions can be manipulated by crossing media, for example, by turning electronic signals into sound waves, light and movement. The final artefact is an installation that stimulates human perception and incessantly evolves in space and time.

Degree project: Stella Speziali
Specialization: MA Interaction Design, 2019
Mentors: Dr. Björn Franke, Max Rheiner

Virtual Reality Dreamachine.
Virtual Reality Dreamachine.