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How can the structures of the internet and the content of a website be translated into a novel playful form that allows conclusions to be drawn about the website in question?

The foundation of the Master project is research about the structures of websites and network topologies viewed from technical, aesthetic and philosophical perspectives. «Metaformose» creates a playful experience based on data from a user-defined website. This information will be abstracted and transported into playful interactive data objects.

«Metaformose» reflects on the internet as a metaplace. The user takes a virtual flight through an interactive data jungle based on the specified website information. By breaking down the flat appearance of what we see on a website and the code behind it, the user experiences floating data objects in a 3D web cosmos. This metabrowsing puts web data into a new context, while also allowing the user to rearrange information and create new meanings.

Degree project: Tunay Bora
Specialization: MA Game Design, 2018
Mentors: René Bauer, Dr. Margarete Jahrmann