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Sick Style — Welcome to the New World of Sadness

How does a growing group of digital natives stage and aestheticize mental disorders?

Looking beyond statistics, the trend-dossier «Sick Style», presents a decoded overview on how digital natives experience sadness and sickness. Based on social-media research, it is positioned between digital transformation, subjectivisation and a new focus on holistic health, where the mind, at last, has become as important as the body. Sick Style provides new strategies for an unapologetic lifestyle of feelings. It contains new insights, new aesthetics and new problems — supplemented with conceptual examples and key conclusions to put into practice.

Welcome to a new world where taboos are publicly broken, where irony relieves the burden of heavy topics. Here, hardcore becomes soft, depression a selfie-resource, and mental disorders a crucial part of our search for identity.

Degree project: Angel Rose Schmocker
Specialization: MA Trends & Identity, 2018
Mentors: Prof. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller

Sick Style — Welcome to the New World of Sadness