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Treasure Box

How to design a symbolic object that connects friends and family using modern technology?

More than ever, friends and family members live far away from one another, and binding symbols are lacking. With globalization and increasing mobility, people today need meaningful objects such as heirlooms, mementos or keepsakes to maintain a connection.

Treasure Box is designed as a gift that symbolically connects people in close relationships with the help of modern technology. A piece of jewellery, named Ikon, features a unique QR code that links to a personal page stored in the cloud. With the gift of an Ikon, the recipient receives personal “blessings” – such as best wishes, inside jokes or secret family recipes – in the form of audio, video, pictures, and/or texts. Treasure Box empowers, uplifts and connects giver and receiver through shared positive experiences.

Degree project: Irena Komarova-Krasauskas
Specialization: MA Product Design, 2019
Mentors: Martin Meier, Dr. Francis Müller, Dom Zuend, Dr. Johanna Dahm, Annina Gähwiller, Aela Vogel

Plate with illustration by Paul Boesch, 1353.
Plate with illustration by Paul Boesch, 1353.