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What if we did?

How can knowledge contents be designed using immersive media so that they produce a sustainable and efficient transfer of knowledge?

«What if we did» is an immersive simulation that allows players to experience the consequences and causes of climate change. Players are invited to contribute, question and expand their previous knowledge about our environment. Using the example of climate change, the present work examines how complex knowledge has to be designed through immersive media in order to ensure a sustainable and efficient transfer of information.

The human desire to be actively involved in learning and to understand using different senses calls for a multi-sensory experience. Current virtual reality technology opens up for an immersive exploratory course with the ability to perceive and walk in 3D space. As a basis, various concepts of immersive knowledge transfer such as games, interactive applications and VR experiences are considered and discussed. These are supplemented by a range of self-directed experiments. Taken together, the immersion and experiments result in a concept which most sensibly conveys the problem of climate change.

Degree project: Noemi Chow
Specialization: MA Interaction Design, 2018
Mentors: Dr. Björn Franke, Max Rheiner

What if we did?