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The Forbidden Fruit — The Automation of Graphic Design

Why should automation be used in graphic design and what changes does this bring for the graphic designer?

The progression of digitalization and democratization exacerbate the long-standing global economic competition of graphic design. Detailed content analyses and pleasurable, extensive creative processes are being forced into the background. Graphic design becomes bare decoration. The solution is the automation of graphic systems. In between programming and design, inexhaustible new methods and possibilities for the creation and application of graphic design arise. But with this potential, the role of the graphic designer inevitably shifts towards curation.

This work examines and manifests the paradigm shift. It calls on graphic designers to take a stance, reflect on their ways of working and thinking, and ultimately use automation to their advantage.

Degree project: David Lüthi
Specialization: MA Visual Communication, 2018
Mentors: Thomas Wolfram, Prof. Dr. Sarah Owens

The Forbidden Fruit — The Automation of Graphic Design