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Conscious Play

Raising awareness of conscious digital play for families

How can millennial parents with higher educational backgrounds be made aware of the opportunities
presented by the negatively connotated digital games?

Digital games have a negative connotation, especially in families with higher educational backgrounds. Despite this, the majority of Swiss children regularly play video games.

The aim of the project is to use empirical research with expert interviews, a focus group and participatory action research with parents and game designers to explore how the aversion to digital games can be dispelled. In doing so, it can be shown that the integration of digital games into family life offers opportunities for media education and that
parents can get to know the virtual world of their children. On the designed platform "Conscious Play" with human-centered design principles, know-how is made easily accessible to families with an editorial and a curated selection of digital games and prejudices are put into perspective.

Degree procekt: Ines Hayle
Specialization: MA Product Design, 2021
Mentors: Aela Vogel, Sonja Böckler,
Dr. Francis Müller, Martin Meier

Conscious Play
Conscious Play
Conscious Play
Conscious Play