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Bosch — The Pinball Machine

How do pinball machines tell their stories? What narrative elements and structures are there, and what channels do they use?

For a long time, pinball machines were a part of everyday culture. Today they have almost completely disappeared from public spaces, and are more typically found in closed-off hobby rooms, or in digital form on players' private devices. Pinball machines are also neglected within academic discourse.

The Master thesis «storytelling in pinball machines» examines the narrative elements and structures of pinball machines, and offers a collection and outline of those elements. The purpose of the work is to open the field, to give designers of analogue and digital pinball machines a framework they can use to think of storytelling in pinball machines, and to review and apply the insights gained in a practical project called «Bosch – The Pinball Machine».

Degree project: David Krummenacher
Specialization: MA Game Design, 2018
Mentors: René Bauer, Dr. Mela Kocher, Dr. Beat Suter

Bosch — The Pinball Machine