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Globeskimmer — Carry Less – Be More

How can the use phase of clothing be altered to improve and prolong user satisfaction?

More than ever people are exploring the world. In 2016, international arrivals increased by four per cent globally, which shows people’s growing interest in travel. Over the excitement of exploring new places, the packing logistics should not be forgotten. Do we not all know the struggle of anticipating what clothes we will need? And more so – where do we find the space to bring them all?

Through analysing female travellers’ needs and their journeys, this project developed a modular clothing system, enabling the freedom to travel light and adapt to all circumstances and wishes. Multifunctional items of clothing mean you do not have to compromise style for function. Having more choice with fewer items does not only benefit the traveller but opens up new ways of thinking about eco-friendly fashion.

Degree project: Sandra Tschanz
Specialization: MA Product, 2018
Mentors: Prof. Michael Krohn, Martin Meier, Fiona Knecht

Globeskimmer — Carry Less – Be More