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Towards a Narrative Examination of Experiences

How can lived experience be explored with the help of narratives?

Storytelling is embedded in our thinking; narratives shape human perception of the world, of our own selves and of others. This is the premise of my Master’s project: an exploration of narrative’s capacity for attaching meaning to experience. Within a storytelling set-up, I experiment with unconventional ways of narrativizing a set of experiences from my personal history; namely, the experience of having a father. By contrasting a series of narrative approaches using visual, textual and conceptual means, I observe how modes of storytelling can enhance the perception of this experience with new perspectives and meaningful insights.

The five resulting books — each embodying a different narrative perspective —offer the viewer a reflection-provoking experience and five unusual stories on the usual fact of having a father.

Degree project: Annamaria Kozma
Specialization: MA Visual Communication, 2018
Mentors: Prof. Dr. Sarah Owens, Dr. Björn Franke

Towards a Narrative Examination of Experiences