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Something thin, transparent surrounds you — Challenge (with) language

Can a fictional story confront people with their own reading habits and introduce them to the discourse of gender-inclusive language, and if so, how?

Within this Master’s thesis, I take a critical look at the aspects of form and content in the German language. Through a story, I create a non-binary change of perspective and make binary structures of the German language visible. The reading habits of the reader are intentionally disturbed, forcing an analysis of the resulting situation with regard to content and form. Knowledge gained from a discussion on linguistics and narrative theory leads to an experimental arrangement in which five people create another, new world through a collaborative writing process. The text results in a serial story that audiences can experience on a website.

Degree project: Carla Crameri
Specialization: MA Visual Communication, 2019
Mentors: Dr. Björn Franke, Prof. Dr. Sarah Owens

Homepage of the website
Homepage of the website