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An exploration of the relationship between craft, emotions and technology.

How can technologically-infused fashion influence our relationship and approach to craft?

Nowadays, traditional handcraft appears to be obsolete, but its emotional and perceptive potential to fuse with 21st century technologies has not been sufficiently explored. This research investigates a Crafting 3.0 approach in the field of fashion, industrial and interaction design, to explore the digital tactility of sound through the body. Crafting 3.0 forwards a concept that combines traditional craftsmanship techniques with new, interactive engagements through technological possibilities. This hybrid field adds a new layer to traditional handcrafting techniques, to extend our senses and perception of the environment as body extensions.

The findings result in the creation of a «Digital Tactility» Open-Source Platform, with prototypes, DIY tutorials, shared code with descriptions and prospects for future workshop formats.

Degree project: Andrea Wolf-Simone
Specialization: MA Product Design, 2020
Mentors: Martin Meier, Dr. phil. Francis Müller, Verena Ziegler, Prof. Francisco Araujo, Aela Frizzi

Crafting 3.0
Crafting 3.0