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How can games transfer a serious message in an entertaining way?

Women are still a minority in the tech industry in general, and in the game industry in particular. Many women report experiences of workplace bias, harassment or abuse as a result of this situation, and the topic leads to many a heated debate. Are women still discriminated against today? Are men and women different by nature? Is the low quota of women in tech the result of bias in the industry or are there different causes?

As part of the game AVA, this thesis engages with the question of how games can broach the issue of gender equality and discrimination in a constructive yet entertaining way. The final product is a collection of techniques which can be used in the production of the game AVA. These techniques will be used to develop a so-called «Meaningful Game», a game which fosters insight and meaningfulness.

Degree project: Tabea Iseli
Specialization: MA Game Design, 2019
Mentoring: Prof. Margarete Jahrmann, Dr. Mela Kocher

Illustration: Tabea Iseli
Illustration: Tabea Iseli