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Living Patterns — A design tool for Montessori architecture

How can Christopher Alexander’s «Pattern Language» be transferred to a digital medium? This thesis answers this question using the example of Montessori architecture.

The method of «pattern language» was developed by Christopher Alexander in his book A Pattern Language, which was published in 1977. It is an instruction manual that aims to enable everyone to design his or her own surroundings. Alexander’s «patterns» offer solutions for typical design problems and are comparable to the words of a language: they are all interconnected, which makes for a nearly infinite number of combinations.

This thesis explores the potential of «pattern language» by using the example of Montessori architecture. It shows how Alexander’s analogue instruction can be used as a digital design tool. The result is a web-based application that enables both professionals and non-professionals to design their ideal learning environment – regardless of location or financial means.

Degree project: Nadine Wüthrich
Specialization: MA Visual Communication, 2019
Mentors: Jonas Vögeli, Cybu Richli, Prof. Dr. Sarah Owens

Mockup of the Homepage of the web app.
Mockup of the Homepage of the web app.