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Visually conveyed grammar

How can grammar be conveyed visually to positively influence learning success? Which visual languages and interaction concepts support the learning of foreign language grammar?

Languages open doors to the world — but learning them can also be difficult. Grammar in particular is often perceived as complicated and abstract. Using the French language as an example, this Master’s thesis looks for approaches to a visual way of teaching grammar rules in order to give middle school students a playful approach to grammar. The visualisations act as both motivational and knowledge-imparting elements and as memory aids. Research, surveys and workshops with the target group form the basis of the study. Through exchange with the Pedagogical University of St. Gallen, the findings lead to a design concept for learning cards that understands visualisation as a central element of communication.

Degree project: Bettina Baumann
Specialization: MA Knowledge Visualization, 2019
Mentors: Marina Bräm, Fabienne Boldt, Prof. Christof Chesini, Dozent Fremdsprachendidaktik und Fachdidaktik Französisch, Pädagogische Hochschule St. Gallen

Visualizations of the French negation with «ne...pas», Bettina Baumann
Visualizations of the French negation with «ne...pas», Bettina Baumann