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Put the sofa in the corner.

A critical perspective on social norms in the living room.

How can design break up social norms in the living room?

The living room is a space of great importance. It provides information about the identity and social status of the inhabitants. Due to the increasingly standardized and exchangeable objects, the material composition of the living room loses essential aspects of its function. We have formed social norms about how and with which objects we furnish our living room and how we use the objects. Chair? Sitting. Sofa? Lying down, watching TV. We buy objects to fulfill a certain function. The living room becomes static, although it could be a dynamic place. A creative space that can be playfully adapted to current needs.

This work uses alternative forms of living as a change of perspective to challenge social norms by analyzing the functions of objects and material composition.

Degree project: Stefan Thomet
Specialization: MA Product Design, 2020
Mentors: Martin Meier, Annina Gähwiler, Aela Frizzi,
Dr. phil Francis Müller, Robert Wettstein

Release your inner child
Release your inner child
This is shy | This is the inner child | This is versatile | This is intimacy
This is shy | This is the inner child | This is versatile | This is intimacy