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An Altered Perception of Sensitive Sensory Processing

Sensory processing and its response to stimuli vary in every human. Hypersensitivity is a personality trait that occurs in about 15–20 percent of the population. Highly sensitive persons (HSP) have a nervous system that can be overloaded when exposed to excessive information sooner than the average person. This overarousal can be felt in specific somatic corporal sensations and altered perception during daily life and the relationship with ones surroundings.

This project looks to immerse visitors in a sensory interaction to provoke empathy and awareness through a HSP simulation of their sensory perception. Highlighting the features in sound in two different environments and detailing the overabundance of stimuli within these spaces.

Degree project: Viviana Castellanos Osorio
Specialization: MA Interaction Design, 2021
Mentors: Dr. Björn Franke, Max Rheiner