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How can public spaces become inclusive, provide connections and promote localism?

«Here is We» is a toolkit designed to connect, share and build spaces where relationships can form, and to create a future of localism.

More than a quarter of Zurich’s population consists of immigrants, who have come here for various reasons and have presently different legal statuses. The potential of this diversity remains largely undeveloped. Cultural differences and lack of interaction create social barriers. They are intensified by the way city structures are planned and built, as is the case with temporary housing, which separates migrants from the local society. Exclusion causes a closed society; however, building connections strengthens the potential of inclusive communities.

This project brings together immigrants, migrants, refugees, citizens, architects, city planners, and designers to work as enablers and re-build our spaces to be inclusive. «Here is We» impacts existing planning methods and challenges the current system to re-think public space. I am here, and so are you. Here is you and me.

Degree project: Lucia Sidler
Specialization: MA Product, 2018
Mentors: Karin Seiler, Martin Meier, Dr. Francis Müller,
Prof. Michael Krohn