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Make People Make Again

How can methods of digital fabrication be opened for hobbyist makers?

We all take pride in our creations. The more tangible the projects are, the easier it is to show them to others. The recent past has seen the emergence of the maker movement, which can be understood as a development of the do-it-yourself culture. However, makers manufacture goods using digital production processes, like 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting. For a majority of people outside of the maker scene, these processes are too complex to learn and the equipment too expensive to acquire.

The service design «make people make again», developed in this Master thesis, provides access, support and inspiration for everyone. To step out of the niche of the maker community, the platform is being integrated into existing hardware stores. This makes the platform accessible to a broader audience and hobbyist makers can profit from the experience of professionals.

Degree project: Christoph Untersander
Specialization: MA Product, 2018
Mentors: Roland Eberle, Martin Meier, Prof. Michael Krohn

Make People Make Again