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Food Care Experience

from food waste to food care

We eat, digest and excrete food. We feel, experience and enjoy food.
We buy, throw away and waste food. But why do we waste so much
food and how did this relationship with food develop?

A lot of food is wasted due to inappropriate storage methods and eating habits that are often not in tune with our contemporary lifestyles, such as the dietary mix, overeating or aesthetics standards of food. Most of the food that we throw away, however, is still suitable for consumption.

The project «Food Care Experience» aims to reduce everyday food waste by following a set of minimal and friendly rules. It employs the method of «food caring» to allow for a conceptual shift in our relation to food. It provides an open and creative experience that allows small families to enhance their food storage capabilities and change their eating and consumption habits.

Degree project: Hyeon Jin Seo
Specialization: MA Visual Communication, 2020
Mentors: Prof. Alex Hanimann

Proper Food Storage
Proper Food Storage
Eat Food without Leftover
Eat Food without Leftover