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magazine futures — The pleasures and perspectives of print

What perspectives are opening up for the print magazine in the context of digital change and what strategic and creative potential can be derived from these?

Print is back. Not as retro nostalgia, but as a vision of the future. Not as an antithesis to digitalization, but as an analogue synthesis of it. Paradoxically, it is the digital disruption of the media world that creates new freedom and prospects for print magazines with their unique characteristics. As a tangible response to the growing longing for substance, originality, sensuality and autonomy, print assumes a new relevance and increasing legitimacy in present and, above all, in future society.

«magazine futures» shows the perspectives and strategic potentials that the current change reveals. It is a source of inspiration for new ideas, and outlines what will define the value, benefit and popularity of the print magazine in the future.

Degree project: Larissa Bollmann
Specialization: MA Trends & Identity, 2019
Mentors: Prof. Bitten Stetter, Dr. Francis Müller, Judith Mair

Magazine research.
Magazine research.