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«brainspace» — generating knowledge

What are the demands placed on office environments by knowledge work?

Knowledge-intensive work is becoming increasingly important. In order for companies to thrive in a competitive landscape, they have to optimise resources and recruit good employees. Attractive working conditions are crucial for winning this war for talent. Major companies in the services sector also use flexible work models and shared workstations to attract candidates. In day-to-day working life, however, these companies seldom achieve the goals set out in these strategies.

This paper investigates the requirements associated with knowledge work from a number of different perspectives and, in doing so, reimagines the working environment. It looks at the situation from another viewpoint, uses «brainspace» to outline the workplace of the future and encourages companies to further evolve their individual approach to work.

Degree project: Eveline Moser
Specialization: MA Visual Communication, 2018
Mentor: Thomas Wolfram

«brainspace» — generating knowledge
«brainspace» — generating knowledge